ProGet's Got You Covered

Unrestricted NuGet feeds mean any packages can end up in Production. Protect your organization (and your own butt) with ProGet as your private NuGet server.

ProGet is a self-managed package repository and Docker registry. It can manage tons of different package types, including NuGet. (It was originally born to be a private NuGet server!) And not only is it more expansible than nuget.server, but most of ProGet's features are available in a free forever version.

With ProGet as your private NuGet server:

  • Three types of NuGet feeds to distinguish package quality
  • Filter unacceptable packages out with license detection, vulnerability scanning, and package filters
  • Effortlessly and securely promote packages between feeds with a promotion pipeline
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"The most popular public feed is, and we don't want to rely on an external site to be up 100% of the time, because it's most likely never going to happen. With ProGet, we haven't had that problem."

~Scott Cusson, Senior Release Engineer

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